SLAS Award of Excellence

Presented at least once every three years, the SLAS Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding achievements in research, innovation, groundbreaking foundation or seminal contributions that have proven to be broadly applicable to the fields of biomolecular screening or sciences and/or laboratory automation. Winners receive a $15,000 cash prize.

The nominations process for the SLAS Award of Excellence will commence in the summer of 2011.

SLAS Innovation Award
The SLAS Innovation Award is a $10,000 cash prize recognizing the work behind that one unique and special podium presentation at the SLAS Annual Conference that proves to be exceedingly innovative and contributes to the exploration of technologies in the laboratory, exceeds a benchmark or milestone in screening or the lead discovery process, or demonstrates an advanced and integrated use of mature technologies. [Past Honorees ]

SLAS New Product Award
These awards showcase up to three products exhibited at the SLAS Annual Conference and Exhibition based on market opportunity, extraordinary technical originality, quality supporting data and impact on laboratory automation and screening. [Past Honorees]

JALA Readers' Choice Award
This award is presented annually to recognize the authors of a scientific manuscript published in the Journal of Laboratory Automation (JALA). [Past Honorees]

Awards for Students and Early Career Professionals

SLAS Student Internship Program
This SLAS program is designed to place promising young scientists into commercial, government and academic internships that offer hands-on experience in the unique scientific specialties of laboratory automation and screening.

SLAS Young Scientist Award
This ongoing program rewards achievement in student poster presentations from organizations, institutions and educational forums around the world. Winners receive a $500 cash prize. [Past Honorees]

SLAS Student Poster Competition
Student posters presented at SLAS Annual Conference and Exhibition are judged on quality and relevance, and three winners are named. Winners receive cash prizes ($750 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place).

SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards
This annual scholarship program comprises funding for travel, lodging and registration for the SLAS Annual Conference and Exhibition for students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates and junior faculty with less than four years in their first academic appointments. Awards are based on the quality of the presentation abstracts presented, relevance of the research to laboratory automation and screening, and a personal statement of the conference's value.

Nonprofit Support Request Program

SLAS Financial Support for Approved Nonprofit Programs
SLAS is prepared to objectively consider financial and/or in-kind support for educational initiatives, events and/or special projects that appropriately complement the SLAS mission and goals.