Abstract Submission & Guidelines

Getting Started:

Prior to submitting your abstract, please review the abstract submission procedure and guidelines below.

Once you have done so, please follow these steps to submit your poster or podium or poster abstract:


General Instructions:

Abstracts relevant to any of the SLAS2012 tracks are requested and will be reviewed by the SLAS2012 Program Committee. To view a complete list and brief description of all SLAS2012 tracks, please click the following link.
Authors are invited to submit abstracts describing original research on topics relevant to any of the seven program tracks for either poster or podium presentation. Abstracts should describe original work not previously published, and address why the work is novel. Importantly, the abstract should clearly present the research itself and results that have been obtained. Abstracts will be assessed according to the novelty of the work, with an emphasis to abstracts that clearly detail results.
Podium presentations are 30 minutes in length including questions and answers.
Note regarding the SLAS Innovation Award: The SLAS Innovation Award judging process is extensive and requires the panel of judges review and evaluate hundreds of scientific abstract submissions. To ensure your abstract receives optimal consideration, please include information on methods, results and conclusions.
The abstract submitter will serve as the primary contact for SLAS and must have a valid email address.
All abstracts must be submitted electronically via this online abstract submission system.
The body of the abstract may not exceed 450 words.
The title is considered separate from the body of the abstract and is not included in the word limit. Specific formatting requirements are included on the submission form.
It is suggested that you first develop your abstract in a word processing program then copy and paste the information in the appropriate section. There is no spell or grammar check function in the online submission process. Please do not use all capital letters.
Fields denoted with asterisks (*) are required fields.
To learn more about the various SLAS Awards presented at the conference and learn if you are eligible to apply, please visit the following links:
SLAS Innovation Award
SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Award
SLAS Student Poster Competition
At the close of the submission period, all abstracts will be reviewed by the SLAS2012 Program Committee to determine which abstracts are accepted into the program. The SLAS2012 Program Committee reserves the right to accept abstracts into tracks other than the one selected by the submitter during the submission process.
Those submitted as podium abstracts but not accepted for the podium program will be reviewed for a poster submission if indicated as such by the submitter during the submission process.
To view a complete list and brief description of all SLAS2012 tracks please click the following link.

Accepted Abstracts:

A member of the SLAS Professional Team will contact all selected abstract submitters with information regarding scheduling, speaker agreements, and the Speaker Resource Center. Speakers agree to use the Speaker Resource Center as the primary source for communicating speaker information.
It is expected all speakers will adhere to policies and deadlines established to ensure accurate and timely information to SLAS members.
Submitters are responsible for communicating with co-authors regarding acceptance or rejection, deadlines and all other submission details.
Whenever possible SLAS will record presentations and make those recordings available to members and participants. In some cases, webcasting or streaming of sessions may be offered as well. All speakers will be required to provide SLAS with the permission to record, broadcast, edit, transcribe, archive, duplicate, distribute, reproduce and sell any written or visual material submitted in connection with presentations at this SLAS conference in any media now existing or developed in the future.
SLAS presenters are required to electronically agree to the speaker guidelines and releases.
Accepted poster presentations will be required to physically present the poster during a two-hour time slot as indicated in the acceptance notification.

Selected speakers must agree to the following:

Commercialism/Marketing Policy
Unless specifically designated, the SLAS scientific program is a noncommercial forum. Speakers are to refrain from the use of brand names and specific product endorsement whenever possible. Under no circumstances should the society's podium be used as a place for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or for monetary self-interest. Negative remarks about a particular company or brand are also not appropriate.

All authors understand that the presentation title, abstract, bio and author information will be published online at slas2012.org and in the printed Final Program. SLAS reserves the right to edit title and description for promotional purposes. For posters only: abstracts must be submitted by November 2, 2011 for inclusion in the Final Program.



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If you DO already have an SLAS.org login (same as membership login):
You will be asked to login to SLAS.org;
Once logged in, please click the 'Submit Abstract' link on the right-hand side of the page;
You will be asked to agree to these guidelines before entering data into the submission system.

If you DO NOT already have an SLAS.org login:
You will be asked create an to SLAS.org account/login;
Once logged in, please click the 'Submitting an Abstract? Click Here/' link at the bottom of the on-screen confirmation;
Once in the abstract submission system, please click the 'Submit Abstract' link on the right-hand side of the page;
You will be asked to agree to these guidelines before entering data into the submission system.
For SLAS.org login assistance, please contact Katie Woywod, Manager, Member Products and services at kwoywod@slas.org.

To simplify your submission process, please have all of your materials together prior to entering your abstract. You will be able to view screen shots of each step in the abstract process by using the 'Guidelines' section of the submission site. To submit, you will need the following:

Abstract Title
Review Guidelines (see menu item to the left)
Abstract text (450 word limit)
Presentation Preference: Podium, Poster or Either (if applicable)
Identify applicable track
Primary Presenter details
Name, Job Title, Organization, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Email, Business Phone, Biography
Award Nominations (if applicable)
Innovation Award, Tony B. Academic Travel Award, Student Poster Award
Identify Co-Authors
Name, Job Title, Organization, City, State, Country, Email